Embedding cultural connection within contemporary natural resource management practices.

“Aboriginal people’s living knowledge systems can help support contemporary fire management concerns facing our society and environment”
Oliver Costello, Firesticks Coordinator.

“When your senses are more aware, your self-esteem increases”
Ian Ross. Firesticks Tablelands Cultural Values workshop Nov 2013.

“For many people this is a new way of thinking about fire and we need to consider how to help keep this conversation and practice progressing”
Victor Steffensen, Tradtional Knowledge Revival Pathway. Walgett Fire Forum, Aug 2013.

Implementing good training, strong partnerships, on ground practices and appropriate techniques.

“Cultural Burning means different things to different people”
Mal Ridges, OEH. Firesticks Regional Working Group Boorabee and the Willows, Jan 2014.

“Burning will depend on where on our land. Some areas should burn and others left unburnt. Some areas need smoke”
Shane Ivey, Ngulingah. Firesticks Coastal Cultural Values Workshop, Aug 2013.