Narungga and Nukunu Country, April 2022, credit Matthew Turner, Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

Narungga and Nukunu Country, April 2022, credit Matthew Turner, Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

There are two pathways available for people, companies, and government agencies to buy or invest in Cultural Fire Credits – through a General Buy and a Specific Buy. Both pathways are processed in the same way, through the Catalyst Markets trading platform.

General Buy

Through the General Buy, buyers can purchase credits at a cost of $50+GST per Cultural Fire Credit, with a minimum purchase of 1 credit. Buyers have the option of committing to a once off purchase or recurring purchases over different time spans such as one-year, two-year, or three-years.

Specific Buy Register

Landholders, government and non-government agencies, and organisations wishing to purchase Cultural Fire Credits to engage local Indigenous cultural fire knowledge practitioners and communities to implement cultural burns in a specific location can purchase Cultural Fire Credits to enable that work through a Specific Buy.

To place a Specific Buy, investors need to purchase a minimum of 40 credits through the Catalyst Markets Trading platform – Specific Buy product and then complete a register of interest form here. Firesticks will then get in touch to discuss with the relevant local community and get back to you on the number of credits that you will then be required to purchase to implement a burn or mentor that community.

The number of credits required to implement cultural fire in various locations will differ, as terrain where cultural burns may take place is different, and each area faces a different set of threats which will influence how long it takes to transition from sick to healthy Country. In addition, mentoring programs will sometimes be required before burning can commence.

For all these reasons, Firesticks must conduct an assessment of the location in consultation with the communities in order to provide an estimate of the number of Cultural Fire Credits that will be required to plan for and implement cultural burns.

If you have any issues completing the Specify Buy register form, please contact