Biri Bulmba Budang – Bringing back Country with Traditional Knowledge

21-25 August 2023 on Djabugay Country, at Tjapukai (Djabugay) Cultural Park, Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Hosted by Wet Tropics Bama with Firesticks Alliance and proudly supported by Landcare Australia and the First Nations Landcare Working Group

Thank you to our partners and sponsors

History of the event

The National Custodians of Country Gathering has evolved from the National Indigenous Fire Workshop that began with respected Elders in Cape York since 2004. These on-Country Workshops have been held annually since 2008 and have been developed over the years to strengthen culture and share the importance of recognising and reviving Cultural Fire regimes to care for Country. This work is greatly respected and has gone on to inspire communities all over Australia and brought people together to learn about Indigenous Cultural Fire and land management practices.

What started as a small Indigenous Fire Workshop in Cape York 12 years ago, has grown into a national network now supported by Firesticks Alliance, an Indigenous-led body who works with Indigenous communities around Australia to strengthen knowledge and practice of Culture on Country.

This gathering of Traditional custodians from across Australia engaged in Cultural fire and land management practices aims to share knowledge and experience with each other, plus partners and stakeholders involved in fire management and looking after Country.

About the Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering 2023

The gathering will demonstrate practical innovation to contemporary land and sea management, biodiversity, threatened species management and agriculture with practical sessions on Country, cultural workshops and conference symposia during the event.
Participants will gain an insight into the interconnected components of Cultural land and sea management practices and the responsibility of looking after Country. Participants will be immersed in Indigenous culture and practice. Masterclasses will be delivered in Cultural Fire, Indigenous Ethno-botany, weaving, tool making, dance, cooking, music, reading country and monitoring.
Local Wet Tropics Traditional custodians and Firesticks Alliance have been working together and each of these hosting groups have initiatives which will be showcased during the gathering.
Delegates will be offered a number of different field trips, hosted by Traditional custodians. Delegates will be transported across cultural landscapes from the rainforest to the reef-north, east, south and west across this incredibly unique and special place in north Queensland.

Watch the Agriculture, Water and Economies Yarning Circle