1. Firesticks acknowledges the authority of the owners and custodians of the land and will be guided by that authority.
  2. Firesticks works for the collective good of Aboriginal people, to support their land management aspirations.
  3. Firesticks respects that every group is different.
  4. Firesticks will be guided by your knowledge of your land and your cultural sites.
  5. Firesticks advocates for recognition of cultural burning and would like some information about your fire experience to do this. In relation to this information:
    • Firesticks will be clear and honest with its partners.
    • All intellectual property will be vested in the owners of that knowledge.
    • Intellectual property and copyright protocols will be developed where required.
    • Restricted information will either not be recorded or special provisions for storage will be discussed with the owners of that knowledge.
    • Firesticks will respect your right to be silent.
  6. Firesticks is working with different groups and talking with government and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) throughout the state. Firesticks will share what is learnt so that everyone is empowered.