Through a series of workshops Firesticks Alliance has worked to define the values and objectives underlying cultural burning to inform our on ground activities. The responses ranged across the natural, spiritual, economic, educational and social domains and encompass values that are both similar and different from mainstream environmental management. This is to be expected as cultural burning is based on an understanding that a reciprocal arrangement exists between people and Country. This is often summarised in “healthy people healthy Country”. That is, healthy people with knowledge, authority and capacity are required to manage the Country. In return a healthy landscape is required to support the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the people who are the managers. In practice this means Firesticks invests in people, in communication pathways, education and in on ground land management work to create a resilient social and ecological landscape.

The Firesticks Alliance is achieving this through the following processes:

  • AIR – Making Space: Building understanding and recognition; sharing stories and information; connecting communities with each other; driving change.
  • HEAT – Facilitating Action: Delivering on ground planning; training through workshops; managing Country by burning; revitalising Country and knowledge by building community networks and recording cultural knowledge.
  • FUEL – Reading Country: To support learning by observation, mentoring and sharing of knowledge on Country.