Working together to care for Country

When Indigenous knowledge is respected to lead the way in land management, better outcomes are possible for all. Join this ‘Agriculture, Water and Economics’ Yarning Circle from the Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering 2023, where leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous voices in land management discuss the value of Traditional Fire in supporting agriculture […]

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New team join the Firesticks Alliance

Niina marni Kaurna Fire Team 🔥

We’re excited to welcome the Kaurna Fire Team to Firesticks – a small, community-based team passionate about healing and restoring Country by reintroducing Cultural Fire to the landscape. 

Over the past four years, the Kaurna community has engaged Firesticks to deliver workshops on Cultural Fire. These workshops, alongside knowledge shared by Kaurna Elders, […]

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National Custodians of Country Program is now live!

Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering has launched its 2023 program.

Join us from August 21-25 at Tjapukai Cultural Park in Cairns to celebrate the diversity and richness of First Nations culture and knowledge, and explore how it can contribute to environmental restoration and community resilience.

Explore our vibrant 2023 program 🔥

Our program is led by Traditional […]

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Biri Bulmba Budang National Custodians of Country Gathering 2023 – SOLD OUT

Tickets are sold out. Join the waitlist.

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Introducing Cultural Fire Credits

Cultural Fire Credits is an initiative by the Firesticks Alliance and the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation supporting Indigenous-led projects and providing pathways for Aboriginal communities to utilise traditional land management practices to heal, protect and manage the Country.

From governance through to generation in the marketplace and verification, Cultural Fire Credits are Aboriginal owned. This ensures Indigenous-led […]

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Munu-munu 2022 National Indigenous Fire Workshop

We regret to inform you that the Munu Munu 2022 National Indigenous Fire Workshop at Mona Mona Far North Queensland on 8 -12 August 2022 has been postponed.

We made this difficult decision to postpone this event for the safety of the local community and all event participants, as the COVID-19 conditions change. We have […]

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Dharrawal-Yuin Ngurra, the Good Fire video showcase

New videos have been released from Dharrawal-Yuin Ngurra (Country) 
Eighteen months after the 2018 National Indigenous Fire Workshop at Bundanon, devastating wildfires tore through the Shoalhaven, destroying 80% of the Country.

Members of the Mudjingaalbaraga Firesticks team revisited Bundanon to show the difference between Country that had Cultural Fire applied in 2018, with Country destroyed by wildfire in […]

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Firesticks Virtual Conference 2020

In December 2020, the Firesticks Alliance held our first virtual conference with support from the WWF-Australia through the Australian Wildlife & Nature Recovery Fund. The purpose of the virtual conference was to keep connection and momentum growing across Cultural Fire practitioner groups who are unable to gather face-to-face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual conference was also an important […]

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Thank you to our Supporters

As we race toward the end of the extraordinary year 2020, the Firesticks Team would like to thank you all for the incredible goodwill and support that has been given to the Firesticks Alliance.

There is no doubt that the 2019 – 2020 wildfires and the Covid 19 pandemic have impacted us all deeply. We are optimistic that during […]

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Fire Country – how Indigenous fire management could help save Australia

Victor Steffensen’s new book ‘Fire Country’ published by Hardie Grant is now available. ‘Fire Country’ is about Indigenous land management practices and a powerful account of First Nation people’s connection Country. There is a marked difference between Aboriginal fire management and hazard reduction, Victor explains how the two systems differ in an edited extract below.

Buy […]

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