Ensure the right people are involved in planning and implementing fire based on their cultural connections to the land.

“We want to use fire as a management tool, as holistic management”
Tanya Patterson Banbai, Wattleridge IPA. Firesticks Tablelands Cultural Values Workshop Nov 2013.

“Cultural burning is a tool for communities to look after Country”
Shane Ivey, Ngulingah Rangers, Firesticks Regional Working Group Boorabee and the Willows IPA. Jan 2014.

“The responsibility to burn comes under cultural protocols”
Karen Potter, Boorabee and the Willows IPA. Firesticks Tablelands Cultural Values Workshop Nov 2013

“Country is the place we call home; we are the custodians for our future. Country is a part of us, as we are a part of Country”
Oliver Costello, Firesticks advisor

Teaching young people and passing down knowledge

“Having kids together is very important. The way to do it is to have a talking circle and for them to spend time on Country”
Veronica Williams, Former Jali LALC CEO. Firesticks Regional Working Group Ballina 2013

“The key is to share information. To see the different plants that come up differently in other places. Everyone’s fire is different and it’s important to share those stories”
Ian Ross, Ranger Minyumai IPA. Firesticks Regional Working Group Ballina 2013.

“Developing this practice further will require assessments, putting in more burns, building community confidence in the practice and getting involved with schools and education”
Victor Steffensen, Tradtional Knowledge Revival Pathway. Walgett Fire Forum. Aug 2013.

“My hopes for the future are keeping the bush alive, and for the younger generation so they get to know these plants and animals, that live out in the bush…its very very respectful knowledge”
Daniel, Senior Ranger Minyumai IPA. Firesticks Coastal Cultural Values Workshop. Aug 2013.