Securing the future of Indigenous-led fire knowledge systems across Australia

Cultural Fire Credits is an initiative by the Firesticks Alliance and the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation supporting Indigenous-led projects and providing pathways for Aboriginal communities to utilise traditional land management practices to heal, protect and manage the Country.

Cultural Fire Credits support Indigenous communities to implement cultural fire on country their way; to be able to fully demonstrate traditional cultural fire knowledge and its multiple benefits.

Australia currently faces a bushfire crisis, with large areas of the continent burning annually through wildfire. Although prescribed fire management practices are being refined due to lessons learnt, the methods being used to reduce wildfire hazard are still based in the dominant management paradigms, which treat the natural environment as a hazard. In an effort to reduce this hazard, vegetation is often reduced to the point where it generates a counterproductive ecosystem response, producing vegetation that is actually more fire prone.

There is a need for partnerships, training and resources, and employment outcomes for Indigenous people to help manage landscapes.

From governance through to generation in the marketplace and verification, Cultural Fire Credits are Aboriginal owned. This ensures Indigenous-led and implemented projects that engage the wider community and deliver equitable benefits and outcomes for corporations, agencies, organisations, educational and research institutions, and individuals.

Philosophy and Guidelines

In developing the Cultural Fire Credit, the Firesticks Alliance and the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation have drawn heavily on the research, insights, ideas, and collective thought and leadership of many individuals, organisations, and Indigenous communities both within our domestic network and internationally.  The team met regularly conducting workshops over 18 months to develop and refine the philosophy and guidelines for a Cultural Fire Credit. Take a look at the Philosophy and Guidelines behind the Cultural Fire Credit here.

Supply Cultural Fire Credits

All Indigenous communities/organisations are invited to participate in the Cultural Fire Credit initiative. The pathway to participation will depend on your community/organisation’s experience level. Visit our Community Expression of Interest page to find out more.

Purchase Cultural Fire Credits

There are two pathways available for people, companies, and government agencies to buy or invest in Cultural Fire Credits – through a General Buy or a Specific Buy. Both pathways are processed in the same way, through the Catalyst Markets trading platform. More information for Buyers can be found here.