Ngunya Jargoon

Cultural burns on Minyumai IPA monitoring plots

On the 14th of May rangers from Ngunya Jargoon and Ngulingah assisted Minyumai Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) rangers to successfully carry out prescribed cultural burns on Minyumai plots D and G (see map). To assist with these prescribed burns a fire contracting team Fireland Consultancy from Brisbane (Fireland) and Firesticks staff provided operational fire support, […]

Regional Work Group Meeting- Hosted by Ngulingah LLS

The Firesticks Regional Working Group meeting (RWG) was held between 24-26th February 2015 and kindly hosted by Ngulingah Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) in Lismore. The purpose of the RWG meeting was to build a cohesive burn schedule for the coming season and address environmental approval issues that have been stalling the implementation of burns […]

Ngunya Jargoon- contracted works

Firesticks partners are working to implement integrated fire, environmental weed and vertebrate pest management approaches to improve and link areas of important habitat and improve biodiversity and cultural values across landscapes. Ngunya Jargoon IPA rangers have conducted site preparation and restoration actions over the past year as part of the contractual agreement on their IPA […]

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Long-nosed Potoroo found in Ngunya Jargoon IPA

Individuals of a population of the Long-nosed Potoroo were recently captured in the Ngunya Jargoon IPA by ecologist David Milledge who has been conducting an ecological monitoring survey on the property over the past 2 years as part of the Firesticks Project. David caught the potoroos in cage traps in November, and ear clips of tissue […]

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Firesticks Training at Yarrawarra Cultural Centre, May 2014

After considerable planning and effort put in by both the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Nature Conservation Council (NCC) the Basic Firefighter Course was held at Yarrawarra Cultural Centre in May 2014. It was a week of two way learning. A great opportunity to share stories and get to know each other.

Images by Dave Curry.

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International Forest Fire Management Group: Study Tour, 3-4 May 2014

As part of an International study tour, representatives from Canada, U.S.A and Mexico enjoyed lemon myrtle bush tea whist discussing the vision of Firesticks around a campfire on Ngunya Jargoon IPA.

The International visitors viewed the Firesticks talk as a tour highlight and have requested to maintain ongoing engagement to exchange fire management strategies, especially with […]

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