Wattleridge IPA monitoring plot burn

On Sunday the 16th of August two of the monitoring plots at Wattleridge IPA were burnt by the Banbai rangers and Rural Fire Service (RFS) using cultural burning techniques. After two years of baseline monitoring by the Firesticks ecologist, the weather and conditions were right for the burns to go ahead. After cold and wet weather […]

Prescribed Burn at Green Bluff, Moonee Beach

On the 29th of July a prescribed burn was applied to a one-hectare area of invasive weeds at the Green Bluff headland near Moonee Beach, mid coast NSW. The Green Bluff Landcare group in collaboration with the Darrunda-Wajaarr Repair to Country Aboriginal Green Team from the Coffs Harbour Local Land Council, Moonee Beach Rural Fire Service (RFS), […]

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NSW Indigenous Protected Areas- A sanctuary for threatened species

The Firesticks Project in partnership with Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) and the NSW Nature Conservation Council under a Commonwealth Biodiversity Fund grant, is currently monitoring biodiversity in four Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) located on the NSW north coast and tablelands. These comprise the Minyumai and Ngunya Jargoon IPAs on the coast and the Wattleridge and Willows-Boorabee IPAs […]

Targeted Ecological Fauna Survey on Ngulingah Lands

A brief survey focusing on small terrestrial mammal and micro-bat species was undertaken in the Nimbin Rocks area, north-eastern NSW between 18 and 22 May 2015. Threatened species from some other vertebrate groups were also targeted and opportunistic observations of additional vertebrate species recorded. The primary aim of the survey was to target difficult to […]

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Cultural burns on Minyumai IPA monitoring plots

On the 14th of May rangers from Ngunya Jargoon and Ngulingah assisted Minyumai Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) rangers to successfully carry out prescribed cultural burns on Minyumai plots D and G (see map). To assist with these prescribed burns a fire contracting team Fireland Consultancy from Brisbane (Fireland) and Firesticks staff provided operational fire support, […]

Minyumai – Before and After Wildfire Photos

A substantial part of the monitoring process of the effects of fire on biodiversity within Firesticks partner properties has been the establishment of monitoring plots within four Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) on the coast and tablelands. These plots have been surveyed by Firesticks ecologist David Milledge since 2012 to assess and quantify the number of […]

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Long-nosed Potoroo found in Ngunya Jargoon IPA

Individuals of a population of the Long-nosed Potoroo were recently captured in the Ngunya Jargoon IPA by ecologist David Milledge who has been conducting an ecological monitoring survey on the property over the past 2 years as part of the Firesticks Project. David caught the potoroos in cage traps in November, and ear clips of tissue […]

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Peregrine Falcons in the Willows and Boorabee IPA

As part of the project delivery, Firesticks has established a series of long term monitoring plots within four of the IPAs. Research in these plots is focused on monitoring the response to fire of a number of vertebrate fauna groups, particularly low and ground foraging birds, terrestrial small mammals and low foraging micro-bats.  Systematic standard survey […]

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Willows Boorabee IPA

Willows images by David Milledge, principal Firesticks ecologist.

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Wattleridge IPA

Wattleridge IPA images by David Milledge, principal Firesticks ecologist.

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